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Penny Lane Art

fan art, textures, tutorials, and more

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Penny Lane Art - a fan art community
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fan art by various artists

- Do not take art/tutorials/textures (basically anything posted) and claim it as your own.
- Please comment and credit if you are using anything posted.
- Please do NOT insult the artists/mods. If you leave comments, it's nice to get criticism but don't be mean.
- Please do not edit any of the art unless it says you can!
- Artists, your posts must be public for 1 or 2 days before becoming members only.
- Artists are allowed to promote their communities, just not excessively.
- Ask a mod if you are not an artist here to promote your community.
header credit: sk943283

the artists.
picture2burn, how_we_fade,
naginis, ralphy137,
astryal, uremy1, cinnamonstreet,
miss_kallahan, kayestar,
julsilicious, smiledrawinglie,
hypnotized_moon, xplosivepop,
nastyakireeva, cadley,
ourviolethill, izi_sunshine,
frambouaz_deby, dismally,
danito0o96, dragonflyswings,
ohriot, dudenceto,
pixiechick87, anaklazaro,
isisgodiva, chry22,
diane91, sunshineangel89,
second_love, onlyalive8,
lady_kingsley, gigi737,
carla304, the_dead_star,
incendiers, gaby_mix,
writing_memoirs, amora_27,
whisperedtimes, breannaa,
toots_87, madcowre,
sunni_sideup, meg_dallen,
n7of9, monstersinyou,
marcia993, love_england,
sopolite, sammy1293,
ea_missalice, 12feethigh,
alxndrjosephine, catkirk,
cupcakezloveh, hiparion,
ariana_tithe, xbreathee,
solar_contrast, sarahtomas,
skyealways, lemonzter,
enchantedlines, consumedly,
peacemusicluv, firsttimelady,
niniisolated, spartapuss

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